Sarah Palin Will Be Guest On Oprah

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Sarah Palin has agreed to sit down for an interview on Oprah in an episode that should air on November 16, 2009.  I know that this is going to be HUGE for ratings!  Hopefully, Oprah will ask all of the questions everyone wants to know: Why did she resign as the Alaskan governor?  Does she still get along with John McCain?  What’s the deal with Levi Johnston, the father of her daughter’s baby?  Can she really see Russia from her old house?

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image: Bauer-Griffin

Oprah originally asked Palin to be on the show during the 2008 election season but she declined.  I’m guessing she was uncomfortable with the fact that the talk show queen was so supportive of Barack Obama.

Palin’s autobiography Going Rogue: An American Life hits bookstores the same week so I’m sure the timing of this interview is not a coincidence.