Another Celebrity Started A Lifestyle Brand But This One Isn’t As Annoying As The Others, I Promise

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Another Celebrity Started a Lifestyle Brand but This One Isn t as Annoying as the Others  I Promise 1445375058 sarah michelle gellar rocky charlotte lg jpg

Celebrities and lifestyle brands seem to go hand in hand these days. You have some that are wildly successful and last forever (Martha Stewart, domestic queen and HBIC), some that are wildly controversial (Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop and Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company, to name a couple), and some that flat out fail (Blake Lively, did we *really* need Preserve to begin with?!).

I mean, I get the idea behind it. Especially in the era of social media, it’s easy to feel like you *know* your favorite celebrity. You can see what they’re cooking or where they take their kids on the weekends. You can see the way they oh-so-effortlessly put an outfit together or the fun crafts they take up in their spare time. But the lifestyle brand as a whole annoys me because of COURSE these people have fabulous lifestyles. They have bags of money from their respective careers and endless amounts of help to lead such great lifestyles. They have trainers to get them the best workout plans, chefs to teach them to cook organic, healthy, yet delicious meals, and nannies to take care of their adorable little ones while they jet set off to the next big venture. I too would look flawless if I had a hair and makeup artist in my iPhone and a trainer whipping me into shape, and a stylist to adorn my body with the best. But alas, I just get excited to get a 40% off Banana Republic sale from time to time.

But celebrities must find this mold at least somewhat successful and lucrative, because they keep trying it. The latest celeb to dip her hand in the lifestyle world is none other than Sarah Michelle Gellar. I may be biased because I think she and husband Freddie Prinze, Jr. are the cutest couple on the planet, they have two adorable kids, and have been together for over 15 years (a lifetime in celeb world, as we all know), but this venture annoys me less than a lot of other ones out there (totally side-eyeing you, Jessica Alba, and your sunscreen that doesn’t work).

I also love SMG and FPJ (yes, that is how I refer to them so please deal with it) because they are so low-key — there’s no controversy, no angry tweeting sprees, no drama. It seems like they’re just a normal, happy family who happens to hold a vampire-butt kicking mama and a ’90s dreamboat but still totally adorable dad. So when I read that Sarah Michelle is behind a new lifestyle brand, I didn’t immediately roll my eyes.

Hers is called Foodstirs, and she told People that the idea for the brand, which will send subscribers “three signature baking mixes (for brownies, cupcakes and cookies), frostings and specialty curated food crafting kits that come complete with decorative supplies and tools,” came from a trip to the grocery store where she realized she didn’t recognize “half the ingredients” in the baking mixes on the shelves.

She wanted to create her own baking mixes from scratch to eliminate those ingredients, and realized that baking with kids should be a fun way to connect and learn together. “There’s really a great connection you only truly get when you unplug for a bit and you realize cooking is so much more than just cooking — [it’s learning] math skills, language skills, motor skills, life skills and it’s confidence building because kids start to believe they can accomplish this stuff. The pride and confidence I see in my daughter [5-year-old, Charlotte] when she’s baking with me, is exciting.”

Maybe I’m just a sucker for baked goods (can we talk about the cute Halloween treats on the site’s blog?!), but Foodstirs looks like the kinda thing I could get behind. It seems relatively foolproof for those of us who are afraid of even turning on the electric mixer (ahem, anyone else besides me?) to be given all the ingredients and the instructions in a guide that basically holds your hand through it all. Plus, if I had learned how to bake as a kid, I probably wouldn’t be so afraid of it now.

Not sure if Sarah Michelle’s new venture will be a success, but if it leads people to bake healthier treats with less chemicals and artificial weird stuff, then by all means, it’s definitely worth it.

Another Celebrity Started a Lifestyle Brand but This One Isn t as Annoying as the Others  I Promise b533be612eda8a8e6ecc308948deeceb2c9d514c jpg(Photos: Michael Simon/Startraks Photo)