Sarah Jessica Parker’s Twins Are The New Suri Cruise, You Heard It Here First

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! SJP Twins 3

At the beginning of 2013, we compiled a list of celebrity kids that we'd like to see more of this year and I feel ashamed for leaving Tabitha and Marion Broderick off of the coveted list.  Otherwise known as the twin daughters of Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, these two lovely little ladies are, in my opinion, the new Suri Cruise.

If these kids are going to be in the spotlight, then the sooner they learn that they're replaceable the better.  I kid, I kid!  They're all awesome in their own way, and they didn't ask for this kind of attention.  (Blah blah I kind of have to say that blah blah blah.) But Suri has ruled the roost of celebrity kid fashion sense for several years now, and I think it's time to pass on the Queen Bee crown to her younger counterparts Tabitha and Marion.  Before we know it, Suri will be wearing Dior and Chanel and tossing back vodka cranberries left and right so we may as well start paying attention to other kids.

Sarah Jessica Parker takes her children to school

It's nice to see that SJP doesn't force her toddlers to trot around in high heels, or look like mini-me versions of herself.  They look like kids.  They're appropriately dressed and they're not the least bit obnoxious or pretentious.  I bet their appointment books are chalk full of play dates with Violet and Seraphina Affleck or the Rossdale boys.

sarah jessica parkers twins 111212

These independent gals don't need toted around in their mom's arms, they don't need the false sense of security that a giant stuffed animal provides.  They're just two city chicks out on the town.  Also? I love it that the only glamorous look that Sarah Jessica Parker perfects when she's with her kids is that of a hurried mom.  No obnoxious birdy hair ornaments or tu-tus necessary.

Sarah Jessica Parker school run

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