Sarah Jessica Parker Now Reported As Replacing Demi Moore In Lovelace

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Sarah Jessica Parker has now been added to the ever growing list of actresses slated to play feminist Gloria Steinem in the upcoming movie Lovelace. Yesterday we reported Mary-Louise Parker was going to take the part off Demi Moore's hands, but now Radaronline is reporting the role is going to another three-name actress; SJP.

There are so many reason Sarah seems like a less then perfect choice for the role of Gloria Steinem. She is forever tied to a (fictional) woman whose purpose in life seemed to be amassing the largest collection of shoes possible and she looks nothing like the famous feminist author.

Right now neither actress is listed on the IMDB page for Lovelace so maybe suggesting two different Parkers are joining the cast is just another way to make the two upcoming Lovelace biopics with ever rotating casts even more confusing.