Sarah Hyland Kicks Off The Teen Choice Awards With A Trip And An F-Bomb

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Sarah Hyland Kicks Off The Teen Choice Awards With A Trip And An F Bomb Sarah Hyland Skylar Astin Teen Choice Awards August 2015 jpg

Stars! They’re just like us! They trip over things in public and shout the F-word too! Like, for instance, last night at the Teen Choice Awards, when Sarah Hyland and Skylar Astin were on their way up to present the first award of the night for Choice Comedian. Sarah tripped over part of the set and almost face-planted.

And no, this wasn’t some sort of bit about pratfalls to go along with the theme of the award. It was just really bad stage design combined with an apparent lack of warning from the show to Sarah to watch out for the most idiotically-placed set piece in existence. Seriously, who the hell puts something so trip-over-able right in front of the steps people have to climb to get onto the stage?

Sarah saved herself from falling but responded to the occurrence like any of us would — by going up to the microphone and shouting “Are you fucking kidding me?” Fortunately for Sarah but unfortunately for those of us who like to watch people curse on live television, what she says couldn’t be heard, but you can see she definitely said something inappropriate. Just look at the “Oh no, I shouldn’t have said that” face she shoots at Skylar when he joins her at the microphone.

After that, Sarah told the crowd, “I do that sometimes, guys. I’m awkward.” Skylar followed it up by saying, “We’re the first ones.” They should have added, “Somebody put that death trap right where we were supposed to walk!” But I guess they were trying to be polite.

Sarah continued to laugh it off later in the night on Twitter:

Sorry you had to be the first to encounter the neon lights of doom, Sarah. But hey, at least your stumble served as a helpful reminder to everyone else who had to walk onto the stage for the rest of the night to watch their step. #AmericanHero

P.S. Ellen DeGeneres won, because duh.

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