Props To Sarah Hyland For Speaking Out About The Abuse She Endured In Her Relationship

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Props To Sarah Hyland For Speaking Out About The Abuse She Endured In Her Relationship Sarah Hyland attending ASPCA event October 2014 jpgUnless you’ve been living under a rock the past week or so, you know that this has been a dark time for stories of abuse in the media. With every passing day, we get more stomach-churning details about the Honey Boo Boo situation, which is why now is the perfect time to get some inspiring words from Sarah Hyland, who’s been through an abusive situation of her own.

In her case, the abuse allegedly came from her longtime boyfriend, Matt Prokop. The two of them have split up now, but they were together for five years, and Sarah claims that he was verbally, emotionally, and even physically abusive to her for four of them, at one point calling her the c-word, pinning her up against a car, and choking her. And this was all because of an argument over her outfit. When she ultimately did break up with him, he became completely unhinged, threatening the life of Sarah’s dog, and to burn her house down. Scary shit.

Now one way to look at this, and the way that I got sucked into thinking about it at first, is to be terrified that it took so long for Sarah to get out of such an abusive situation, and that even when she did, she needed the help of her Modern Family costar Julie Bowen. But the comments that Sarah made on the situation during a conversaiton with Meredith Vieira help me see it in a new light — grateful and proud that she made it out, and thrilled with her mature perspective on what happened.

After Meredith revealed that she’d been in a similar situation at the same age, she asked Sarah how she was able to find the strength to move forward from such a trying event. And even though her response gave no details about Matt — something she’s likely forbidden from doing by law because of the restraining order she has against him — the two pieces of text that she chose to share made me incredibly optimistic about her ability to get through this.

Honestly, that’s exactly what I needed today, Sarah — the reminder that human beings are strong, and resilient, and that it’s possible to stop the cycle of abuse.

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