Is It Just Me Or Did Seventeen Photoshop The Life Out Of Sarah Hyland?

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June/July's Seventeen features Modern Family  actress Sarah Hyland discussing her life-threatening kidney disorder and her subsequent kidney transplant from her father. Considering that she manages to successfully work on one of TV's most popular comedies while also suffering from Kidney Displasia is pretty impressive. However I have trouble focusing on the story when Sarah Hyland looks so horribly photoshopped on the cover of the upcoming issue that hits newstands May 22nd.

I mean that girl closely  resembles Sarah Hyland. I would believe it if you told me that it was Sarah Hyland's half sister. But I just don't believe that's what Sarah Hyland came to the photoshoot looking like. Her face just looks off and not off in a “I just had surgery way,” but rather in a “someone got overexcited with the photoshop toolbar way.” Am I right or am I just seeing things?

While it's not exactly newsworthy that a magazine photoshopped a celebrity into oblivion, it is worth noting that Seventeen's been in the photoshop hot seat recently after 14-year-old Julia Bluhm started a petition asking them to stop using it on every single page of every single issue.

The fact that the next issue to launch after that controversy is an issue featuring the photoshopped face of a young actress who just survived a kidney transplant seems like horribly poor timing for them.

Not too mention that I've seen enough red carpet photos of Sarah Hyland to know that she's pretty enough in real life not to need this offensive airbrushing. (That's not to say that non-conventionally attractive people deserve this photoshopping either…) So while our positive recovery thoughts are with Sarah Hyland, we're sending all our “stop photoshopping the life out of celebrity” vibes in the direction of the Seventeen offices.