Sarah Brown Puts Education First

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Sarah Brown Puts Education First afla250106a 059 sarah brown jpgIt’s not unusual for celebrities to prefer their children didn’t follow in their footsteps. That’s definitely the case for General Hospital’s Sarah Brown, who has much greater plans for her daughter Jordan.

Recently the 10-year-old was approached by Disney to appear on “one of her favorite shows” Zack & Cody. Understandably it made her day, but Sarah said she’s “not supportive of the idea of Jordan working as an actor.” Instead, she “want[s] her to focus on school. I don’t think she has any real aspirations right now to act. She’s always been very shy, so we’ll see.”

The proud mom hopes her daughter “decides to go into medicine or law, as most mothers hope,” but she says a musical career is also a possibility.

“Her father, Shuki Levy, is an amazing singer. He has an amazing falsetto. She could go into music one day, too.”

It sounds like the possibilities are endless!

Image source: splashnewsonline.com