Sara Bareilles Continues Being Awesome, Says The Katy Perry ‘Feud’ Was Great For Her

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Sara Bareilles Chelsea Lately December 2013

The more I see and hear of Sara Bareilles, the more of a fan I become. Not only do I think she's a incredibly talented musician, but she also seems like a really great human being. Obviously I don't know her personally, but I just get the feeling that her heart is really big, and not in a medical way, but in a “She's nice to people and I like that” sort of way. From surprising the nurses who made a “Brave” lip-dub video to performing onstage with a young cancer survivor, everything she does makes me feel warm and fuzzy. That includes all her comments about Katy Perry.

You might remember that over the summer, when Katy Perry released her single “Roar,” a lot of people complained that it sounded an awful lot like Sara's single “Brave.” Everybody immediately grabbed their popcorn and waited for a Sara/Katy feud to break out, but they were sorely disappointed when Sara ended up being really sweet and classy about the whole thing. And the similarity even inspired awesome mashups that embraced how well the songs fit together rather than trying to snarkily prove what a rip-off “Roar” is.

The nice talk continued when Sara visited Chelsea Lately last night and explained that she and Katy have actually been friends for a while, and there isn't any bad blood between them. Sara even admitted that the made-up rivalry actually ended up working out for her.

“People were trying to create conflict and rivalry and anger, but there really wasn't any. It's not really my bag to be competitive. And honestly, at the end of the day, it was just really good for me because she's this mega amazing star and…”

Then Chelsea finishes her sentence and says, “Now you're going to win a Grammy.” I just love that not only does Sara have the nicest, most gracious words about her friend, but she's also willing to admit that it was nice publicity for her, especially since she was the supposed victim in the situation. I think Sara's so talented that she shouldn't need a fake feud to boost her career, but unfortunately the world isn't fair. It's just nice that Sara didn't actually have to be a meanie about it for people to pay attention.