Sara Bareilles Is Being Classier Than We Are About Katy Perry Stealing Her Song

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Sara Bareilles and Katy Perry at Trevor Live December 2012As a celebrity blogger, I thrive on melodrama and Twitter feuds, so today's news that Sara Bareilles doesn't think that Katy Perry copied her song ‘Brave' for her own song ‘Roar' is probably the least satisfying thing you could tell me right now.

I mean where is the gossip-mongering? The back-stabbing? The thinly-veiled references to each other in future songs igniting an east coast / west coast rap beef? These are the things I crave from you, and yet you deny me them in the name of classiness and maturity. Harrumph.

Here's what Sara said in an interview yesterday when asked how she felt when the songs were first compared and the controversy began:

“I was stoked. I was like, ‘Great'. I was like, ‘You guys want to go get (mad) about something and buy my music, that's great.'”

As you may recall, the ‘getting mad' happened after ‘Roar' was released last month, and it was noticed that the songs had a lot in common. I mean I won't lie — I listened to them layered on top of each other and was like, “Damn, Katy, that's cold.” First of all because when ‘Brave' first came out in April, Katy tweeted to Sara about how much she liked it, which felt kind of damning, and second of all because I think Sara's actually the superior artist, but Katy is more famous. It's a total bummer.

But! Silver lining! As Sara points out, all that uproar (pun absolutely intended) only brought more attention to her own song, pushing it up into the Billboard Top 40, where it has thus far peaked at #31. So if anything, it was actually a plus and not a minus:

“I don't feel like anything was taken from me artistically. I wasn't the one having any problems with it. I've known Katy a long time. We are friends and she and I spoke about it. I look at it as two female artists who are releasing a message of empowerment.”

But…but…two songs about female empowerment out within a year of each other?? Such a thing has never been done before! Where could you possibly have both gotten this idea independently? And one-word titles? They're so unique! I guess what I'm saying is I AM STILL ANGRY. What do you think about that, Sara?

“To be totally honest, I was sort of disappointed in how aggressive fans were being about it. I don't promote drama in my life and competition and stuff like that.”

Oh. Okay, yeah. Yeah no yeah, I'm sorry. I just thought we were all being indignant and stuff, and it was fun how aggressive we were being? I don't know. This all sounds so foolish now. I was literally spluttering. Boy is my face red!

“We actually talked about it. We're like, ‘Should we just work on a mash-up and let everybody know we're not mad at each other?'”

Um, I mean, yes. That would probably help. I am pro-mash-up as a solution to any and all controversies. And until that comes out, I'll just do my best not to start any Twitter wars. But no promises.

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