Watching Sara Bareilles Help Couples Propose In Her New Music Video Will Make You All Warm And Fuzzy

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Sara Bareilles I Choose You video May 2014

We already know Sara Bareilles has a lovely voice, but she also continues to prove time and time again that she's a lovely person as well. This time she focused her new music video for “I Choose You” on helping two couples get engaged. Even if you usually roll your eyes at proposals, even if you think marriage and romance and kissing and happiness are totally stupid, I'm pretty sure you'll still find this video the epitome of sweet. You might even shed a tear or two.

The two couples lucky enough to be serenaded by Sara on her guitar during their proposal are Matt and Chelsea and Aly and Andrea. Both Matt and Aly take a hands-on, arts-and-craftsy, utterly adorable approach to popping the question. Aly paints homemade posters telling the story of their relationship to present to Andrea in front of family and friends. Matt does something similar, telling their story through a series of dioramas made out of post-it notes. If that's not the cutest darn thing you've ever heard, please share with me what is, because it's gotta be pretty effing cute to beat a post-it diorama.

The scenes of the preparation and proposals are intercut with Sara and her shiny hair singing the song and strumming her guitar. It's a really lovely song in the first place, but putting it over adorable couples doing adorable couple things just makes it that much better. And Sara just looks so happy for them during the proposal that it will make your insides spontaneously turn into warm applesauce. Applesauce innards are a good thing in this case, by the way. So watch, smile, and then maybe go propose to whoever is available while playing this song on a boombox raised over your head.