The Kids Of The PS22 Chorus Sing The Most Moving Sandy Hook Tribute Yet

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ps22 chorus sandy hook tribute

As someone who loves the famous Staten Island PS22 chorus any day of the week, I felt especially moved by their tribute to the 26 victims who died at Sandy Hook Elementary. While the 4th and 5th graders are usually known for doing amazing renditions of popular songs, yesterday they chose to sing the Sandy Hook Elementary school song instead. In case you're not a human being with emotions, I'll tell you that it's very moving and very sad.

After their performance they offer individual messages of hope and love to all the Newtown families who are suffering. There's just something so incredibly heartbreaking and uplifting about children telling adults that they hope they feel better soon. Especially other elementary school children who shouldn't live in a world where these tragedies happen. I nearly lost it when one little boy pointed to his heart and said, “they stay right there.”

In a world filled with so much hate and a country filled with so much division over how to stop these mass shootings, it's nice to let the kids have their say.

So in case you're in the mood to cry today, here you go.