Sandra Bullock Said The F-Word And You Can Relive It Over And Over In GIF Form

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Sandra Bullock WTF Critics Choice

Noted wonderful human being Sandra Bullock said “fuck” during the Critics Choice Awards tonight. Or to be more specific, she said “what the fuck?” Celebrities, they get frustrated and quickly resort to vulgar language just like you! On the slight (large) chance that you weren't tuning into the oddity that is the Critics Choice Awards tonight, I'll give you a little background on the F-word hear 'round the Internet. She uttered the profanity because her acceptance speech for Best Actress in an Action Movie got interrupted by an audio mistake. As modest as celebrities like to pretend that they are at these award shows, they're not. And tell you what, Hell hath no fury like an actress interrupted mid-speech. So here's the GIF in all it's glory. Love it. Watch it. Use it as needed.

Also, say a prayer for the person who messed up the audio and is currently being yelled at backstage right now.

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