Leave It To Sandra Bullock To Hilariously Deal With Matt Lauer’s Attempts At Comedy

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Sandra Bullock Today Show June 2013

You gotta hand it to Matt Lauer. He really knows how to turn an interview awkward. Whether he's taking an overly serious approach to Martha Stewart's dating life or assuming that his guests are the same people as their characters, there's never a groan-less moment when you watch him talk to a Today Show guest. That was true this morning when Sandra Bullock stopped by the studio to promote her new movie The Heat and deal with Matt Lauer's seamful (that's the opposite of seamless, you see) transitions between insult comedy, uncomfortable flirting, and a couple of failed attempts at a serious exchange. But leave it to our dream BFF Sandra Bullock to deal with him hilariously.

After showing a clip from the movie, the first thing Matt declares is that there are “a lot of laugh out loud moments in this movie.” Good to know if you were expecting a sequel to Schindler's List or something. The interview continues with Matt spending way too much time pointing out how many F-bombs are used in the film and saying that if you cut them all out the movie would be “11 minutes long.” Always a good approach to start an interview by insulting the quality of your guest's film. What morning show interview academy did you learn that at, Matt? Was it before or after your course on rushed cooking segments?

But Sandra gets back at him soon enough when he mistakenly mentions she was on the show last time to promote The Blind Side and she performs this perfect “aww, bless your heart” move to correct him and then brings up the fact that she was rumored to be mad at him afterward (I can't imagine how that would happen). Matt was reported to have sent her flowers to apologize. Guess who got no flowers and isn't afraid to jokingly call him out about it? Her name rhymes with Schmandra Schmullock. Cue failed attempt by Matt Lauer to pick up a nearby bouquet without soiling his suit. Don't worry, one of his on-air servants takes care of it later in the interview. But Sandra still insists she deserves jewelry as well, because she's simply the best.

Matt closes the interview by insulting her movie again, and then he makes a morbid funeral joke to really wrap things up. Can we have Sandra on hand for all of Matt's interviews to just zing back at everything he says? Please and thank you?

UPDATE: Think this is bad? Check out the time Matt Lauer asked Mary Barra if it's possible to do a good job at work and be a good mom at home.