Sandra Bullock Says No To The Heat Sequel — And I’m Like, ‘You Go, Girl’

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Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy in The Heat 2013Sandra Bullock says she's not interested in doing the rumored sequel to her hit buddy-cop comedy The Heat, co-starring Melissa McCarthy, and I've never been so relieved to hear about an actor I like turning down a role in a movie.

Don't get me wrong — I loved The Heat. Like, I really really loved it. I thought Katie Dippold did a great job with the writing, Paul Feig did as awesome a job as always with the directing, and Melissa knocked it out of the park with her wizardly grasp of comedic timing. (Wizards play baseball, right? I can mix those metaphors?) Plus there was such great chemistry between Sandra and Melissa. There was a lot that was right with it. But instead of that being a reason that there should be a sequel, I tend to agree with my girl Sandra that it's a reason there shouldn't be one.

“I know they say never say never, but right now, I can’t imagine it. I don’t want to ruin what Melissa and I had. If a miracle happens where [a script] shows up that really and truly outdid the first and provided an experience that was better than the first one, then I would look at it. But I’m not there.”

That's exactly what I want to hear. More and more often these days, you see celebrities signing on to the second and third and fourth iterations of movies that weren't such hot shit to begin with. Yeah, I'm looking at you, The Hangover. In that case, they took a movie that was pretty universally enjoyed, and turned it into a franchise that was pretty universally despised. Excellent work, producers!

But Sandra isn't gonna fall into that trap. Or…not again, at least, because she's already learned a valuable lesson about follow-ups from her experiences in the critically-panned sequels Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous and Speed 2: Cruise Control, which were also disappointing at the box office.

“If you look back on my illustrious sequel work [laughs] nothing has proven successful. A sequel is such a daunting thing, because you don’t want to lose the magic and the charm of the first one.”

First of all, I'm obsessed with how hilariously self-deprecating she's comfortable being about her movie choices, and second of all — preach, girl. PREACH.

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