In Terrifying News, Sandra Bullock Came Face-To-Face With The Stalker Who Broke Into Her House

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Sandra Bullock Oscar nominees luncheon February 2014

New details are emerging about Sandra Bullock's home invasion last month. TMZ reportedly obtained a search warrant allowing law enforcement to search Joshua Corbett's home for his “arsenal of weapons.” TMZ reports that cops found seven guns, including assault rifles. But the search warrant also reportedly provides more insight into how exactly the incident at Sandra's home went down, and it's terrifying, to say the least.

TMZ previously reported that the man was there to see Sandra and not to steal anything. He apparently got that face-to-face encounter, since the warrant allegedly details the moment Sandra saw him outside her bedroom. Here's how TMZ describes the incident:

“At 1 AM she hears a loud banging inside the house.  Bullock goes to her bedroom door to close and lock it and she sees Corbett right there in the hallway wearing dark clothing.”

To say that's a chilling image would be the understatement of the year.

Sandra allegedly then locked her bedroom door and called 911. She reportedly told police that she had showered before going to bed, so as TMZ puts it, “he may have been there the whole time.” The man also apparently started screaming “Sandy, I'm sorry. Please don't press charges” when the police arrived. Oh, and in case you thought that was as creepy as the story got, think again. There's more.

Joshua Corbett also apparently had a notebook with him that included cut-out photos of Sandra from magazines, as well as handwritten notes to her. One of them reportedly read, “I will forever be thinking of you and Louie, my son, as you are my wife by law, the law of God and you belong to me and me to you.” He also apparently forgave Sandra for “anything you may have done.” Yeah. Pretty scary stalker stuff there.

He was initially charged with stalking and burglarizing Sandra, as well as possessing an illegal gun, but once cops discovered his “arsenal of weapons,” 19 felony counts were added. It's scary enough that someone was able get into her home like that in the first place, but to think that Sandra actually came face-to-face with this man is terrifying. Thankfully no harm was done to Sandra or her son Louis during the incident.

(Photo: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.com)