Sandra Bullock’s Son Louis Says What The Whole World Is Thinking, Calls His Mom A Superhero

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Sandra Bullock Louis Bullock Venice August 2013

If there's one universal truth in this world, I think we can all agree that it's Sandra Bullock's superhero status. If it turns out eventually that she's living a double life as both a movie star and a mysterious lady in a cape who finds your lost socks in the laundry and leaves them in the middle of the floor for you to find an hour later, I would be the opposite of surprised. Lucky for us, Sandra has an adorable son named Louis who's willing to say what we're all thinking. At the premiere of her new film Gravity at the Toronto International Film Festival, Sandy told E! News in an adorable red carpet video that Louis, who was on set during production, sees his mom as a superhero.

“He's got an astronaut doll and he says, ‘Like you' but he has no idea why I was an astronaut cause it was like two years ago,” she tells E! News. “He just thinks of me as a superhero.”

I always knew little Louis Bullock was a wise one. I think it's that old man cap he wears sometimes. He knows what's up. Seriously, how could you argue with the idea that Sandy is a superhero? She can do everything. She's funny and talented and does lovely things like go to the Super Bowl with the real Blind Side family. And let's not forget that she got Melissa McCarthy to fall in love with her. Remember when she dated Ryan Gosling for a hot minute? I wouldn't be surprised if they were actually in superhero training together. It all makes sense now.

Sandra went on to give Kristen Bell a run for her money in the talking-adorably-about-her-kid department by explaining that Louis was a source of motivation on the set of the movie, explaining that they'd often bring Louis in for her to look at and get inspired by. Can we get a movie in production starring Sandra Bullock as a superhero and Louis as her mentor? He can even sit in a dark room and whisper advice to her all mysterious-like. And he can wear those cute little caps, preferably.

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