Turns Out The Creep Who Groped Sarah Hyland Also Touched Sandra Bullock Last Year

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Sandra Bullock Oscar nominees luncheon February 2014

Last week at an after-party in Australia, Modern Family star Sarah Hyland was posing for photos with fans when a man reportedly groped her breast. Sarah apparently pushed him away and told him, “Don't touch me there!” She then left the party early and allegedly in tears, and she later explained the situation to her fans on Twitter, apologizing that she couldn't stay longer to meet them. The 29-year-old man her was arrested that night. It seemed at the time that this could have just been some random creep, but it turns out he's done this before to another famous woman — Sandra Bullock. And this time, the incident was actually caught on video.

The man, who's been identified as Nedal Lakmas, was recorded touching Sandra's breast at the Sydney premiere of The Heat last year. The video, released by the Sunday Telegraph, shows Sandra meeting fans on the red carpet. Lakmas reaches out to her, and his hand can be seen grazing her left breast. It might look like an accident at first glance, but Sandra immediately reacts and tells him firmly, “Don't touch my breast.” She's clearly uncomfortable, and those around also her appear to jump to her defense. I can imagine that being touched by fans in this type of situation is already a risky business for celebrities, so obviously being touched in such an inappropriate spot is especially scary.

When you consider this is the reportedly the same man who assaulted Sarah, you have to wonder how many other women — celebrity or otherwise — he's done this to. Sandra might have chosen not to press charges, but now that Sarah has spoken out about it, hopefully it'll send a message to people that this type of behavior is unacceptable, and whether the victim is famous or not, there's such a thing as personal space. At the very least, let's keep this guy far away from red carpets and celebrity appearances.

(Photo: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.com)