Sandra Bullock Raps During An Interview, Proving There’s No Limit To Her Amazingness

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Sandra Bullock Jonathan Ross Show 2013

Just when you thought Sandra Bullock had done every amazing thing she was capable of doing, from winning an Oscar to making us laugh until we cry next to Melissa McCarthy to being a superhero mom with a non-relationship with George Clooney, she goes and does something super-duper amazing. How amazing? Rapping amazing. Yeah, Sandra Bullock rapped. During a TV interview. Just pulled out this awesome trick she'd been hiding all this time. Why were you hiding this, Sandra?!

Sandra visited The Jonathan Ross Show in Britain and told an adorable story about learning all the words to the Sugarhill Gang's “Rapper's Delight” to impress a guy she liked at a high school dance. I'm currently getting images of teenage rapping Sandy dancing through my head and wishing I could time travel, enroll in her high school and befriend her. So naturally Jonathan Ross asks if she can repeat the rap right there during the interview. When will celebrities realize that if they reveal they have a hidden talent, interviewers everywhere will peer pressure them into showing it off on the spot? Have they learned nothing from Inside the Actors Studio?

I'm not complaining, however, because it means we get to see Sandra Bullock rap. And it is, in short, amazing. She even demands music (“some beats, yo”) before she starts, like the rap diva she is. And she wasn't lying when she said she still knew all the words. She doesn't even look like she's struggling to remember, leading me to believe that she just recites this into the mirror before bed every night and then declares, “Another great day as Sandra Bullock.”