Let’s Talk About How Funny Sandra Bullock Was When She Got Naked On Chelsea Lately

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In case you just woke up from a 16-year coma, you should know that Jennifer Aniston divorced Brad Pitt, spent several of her most fertile years wallowing in mediocre movies and finally got engaged to Justin Theroux.

Last night she went on Chelsea Lately to cry-talk about her engagement and that's all anyone's talking about today. You know the people who talk about what happened on Chelsea Lately every single morning. There are six of them. I'm sure you know them.

But little known fact, Sandra Bullock also showed up on last night's show — and she showed up naked in the shower with Chelsea Handler. You know, just to offer her some advice on her show and how to act and what not to do in communal showers.

What? Why?

Look, don't ask questions. Questions are for people who watch network late night shows. (But I do think Lena Dunham's naked cupcake eating binge has something to do with this.)

Just accept that it happened and it was funny and it really made me like Sandra Bullock. Which is good because we've been on shaky ground since she agreed to Miss Congeniality 2.

Then again watching this made me realize the biggest problem in that film was that she wasn't simultaneously showering and giving constructive criticism to other celebrities the entire time. Well the other problem could be the film didn't need to be made. But that's a blog rant for another day.