Video: Wow, Sandra Bullock And Melissa McCarthy’s New Cop Buddy Movie Looks Terrible

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What do you get when you take two of America's best loved actresses and put them together in an all-girl twist on a classic American genre? A huge, steaming pile of groans! At least, that's what it looks like from the trailer for their new movie Heat.

In it, Bullock plays a no nonsense FBI agent (but not the same one she played in Miss Congeniality, okay?) and McCarthy plays her unlikely partner, whose entire character seems centered around the facts that she's loud and disheveled and likes to threaten violence on people (but not in a witty way). Together, they do kooky, madcap things like hang a black guy by his toes off a balcony and accidentally drop him off it, because police brutality against black people is hilarious!

While some movies give away their funniest lines in the trailer, that's hopefully not the case here, as the most chuckleworthy thing in it is Melissa McCarthy's bemused reaction to Sandra Bullock's Spanx. (“Why, what's gonna come poppin' out?”) For both of these ladies' sake (one of whom has won an Oscar), I hope this thing is better than it looks.

(Via Vulture)