Sandra Bullock Says Meryl Streep Could Kick Her Ass, Reminds Me I Need To Schedule Brunch With Them

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Meryl Streep Sandra Bullock Critics Choice Awards January 2010

I've been so focused on Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy in their matching bearded fishermen Halloween costumes that I forgot that Sandy and Meryl Streep are also pretty adorable together. A few years ago, when they were competing against each other during award season, they had a faux rivalry going in which they'd pretend to badmouth each other in interviews and send each other dead flowers with threatening notes attached. It was hilarious and amazing, and as someone who ranks Sandra Bullock pretty high on my favorite people list and who aspires to be Meryl Streep when I grow up, I resolved to one day become the third wheel in their friendship. But then the award season ended and I forgot about their lovely bond.

Thankfully Sandra Bullock recently gave an interview to Short List (via E! Online) in which she reminds everyone of her epic make-believe beef with Meryl. And it. Is. Glorious.

“If Meryl and I get in a ring, she'll kick my ass,” she told us exclusively. “People don't realise that there's a side of Meryl that's just mean. You walk away and she'll just rip your dress…I know not to turn my back on her.”

I am now imagining Meryl Streep ripping Sandra Bullock's dress and then giving one of those coy “little old me?” looks before walking away with a malicious grin on her face. I can totally see it. She did play Miranda Priestly with a scary amount of conviction. But that's not all. Sandy also explains that Meryl will eventually be the one to kill her.

“I will try to kick her ass but she will kill me,” she confessed. “That's just how it's gonna end and then she'll be lovely Meryl again and I'll just be dead.”

I'm pretty sure these quotes will be what kills me, because I am dying right now. Sandy ends by saying genuinely, “I love nothing more than hanging out with that woman and having a glass of wine.” So I'm now having a glass of wine with them in my head. And Diane Keaton and Ellen DeGeneres are also there. I think these quotes are the perfect excuse to revisit this classic video from the 2010 Critics Choice Awards, when Meryl and Sandy tied for Best Actress.

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