Watch Sandra Bullock Deliver A Heartwarming Speech About How Blog Commenters Are The Worst

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sandra bullock palm springs international film festival 2014

While you spent this weekend chugging hot chocolate and wearing everything you own at once in an attempt to stay warm, the celebrities spent it at the Palm Springs International Film Festival awards gala. Which is a real thing and not something that Oliver from The O.C threw on a lonely Saturday to lure Marissa Cooper to his house.

During the gala (and yes, rumors are true, a rich kid of Instagram gets a Land Rover every time someone poor types gala) Sandra Bullock got recognized for her fantastic acting. Also, probably for being an extremely likable celebrity who's managed to remain scandal free. Even after that unfortunate incident in space this past fall. I mean they don't say that, but it's obvious. Sandy's super likable.

Her acceptance speech at the gala (Land Rover) only proved that more. While some celebrities get up on those stages like they're accepting a medal of honor from the world president for saving humanity, she came off as incredibly humble and grateful for the honor. In fact, when she learned she would be receiving it, she went online to find out what people thought about her in hopes it would help her to write her speech– only to discover that people thought she was over 40 (!!) and feuding with Julia Roberts over George Clooney. I think she also found out the hard way that you should never ever read the comment section on a blog about yourself. And I'm saying that as a prolific commenter. I've read things I can't unread, not matter how hard I try.

The speech is well worth a watch and I warn you that you might get chocked up when she talks about her son. Oh did I mention that? The speech goes from being funny to touching real fast — just another reason that she's the best.

(Photo: Xclusive, PacificCoastNews)