Sandra Bullock’s Inspiring And Funny Commencement Speech Is Guaranteed To Make You Smile

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Sandra Bullock s Inspiring And Funny Commencement Speech Is Guaranteed To Make You Smile Sandra Bullock commencement speech May 2014 jpg

Yesterday Sandra Bullock gave a surprise commencement speech at Warren Easton Charter High School in New Orleans. That’s right, a high school. Not even a college. Can you imagine how excited those kids must have been to see Miss Congeniality giving them life advice? I thought I was already jealous enough of teenagers, mostly because Justin Bieber has taught me that being one means you can get away with anything. Now I have to be jealous of them for having Sandra Bullock inspire them in person? Meh, I can’t even be jealous, because I’m just smiling too much after watching the clip.

This school holds a special place in Sandra’s heart, because not only is her son Louis from New Orleans, but she also donated to the school after Hurricane Katrina. And Sandra gave a lovely speech that avoided trite “follow your dreams and believe in yourself” cliches, but still managed to be sweet and inspiring. And funny, of course. Obviously it was funny. She’s Sandra Bullock. She talked about everything from not worrying too much to not picking your nose in front of people. You’d think people would know this by now, but it never hurts to remind them.

Let’s make sure to add Sandra Bullock to the growing list of celebrities who clearly aren’t human. Right there next to actual angel Amy Poehler. In Sandra Bullock’s case I’m imagining she has to be some sort of kindhearted robot engineered by scientists to make us all smile. Because this speech will make you smile. It’ll also give you a sudden desire to follow every dream you’ve ever had. Including that one where you were flying around the supermarket in a hovercraft while the cast of Law & Order laughed at you. Maybe leave that one at the bottom of your to-do list; it’ll probably take some time to put together.