Sandra And Jesse: The Story Continues

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Sandra and JesseAs if the story of Sandra Bullock and Jesse James‘ break up couldn't get any more tragic or complex, this weekend has included a visit by the police to the couple's home, videos of alleged mistress Michelle “Bombshell” McGee surfacing and more news and opinions about Sandra and what she knew before the news broke. Here's some of the latest goss:

  • Police were summoned to Jesse and Sandra's house after Jesse's older daughter Chandler and one of their neighbors call the cops. The police said members of the media were to blame for the commotion and they cleared the area without making any arrests. [E! Online]
  • Although she's moved out, experts say Sandra can save her marriage. And did she actually know what was going on? [New York Daily News, More Daily News]
  • And some say Sandra and her work schedule are to blame for Jesse's cheating ways. Ouch. [HollywoodLife]
  • Meanwhile, more photos and videos of Bombshell have emerged. Here's a look at her conservative high school photo. [Radar]
  • And a video of her showing off her tattoos. But do we believe that she grew up Amish and left the church at 16? No. (Just see above.) [Daily Beast]

(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)