Samuel L. Jackson Blames His SNL F-Bomb On Kenan Thompson, Who Is Apparently A Ventriloquist

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The Premiere of 'Django Unchained' held at the Ziegfeld TheatreWell this is odd. Samuel L. Jackson had a cameo in Saturday Night Live this past weekend, and and he did that sketch with Kenan Thompson, What's Up With That where Kenan wastes so much time dancing and theme-music-ing that he always runs out of time for his guests. Well Samuel L. Jackson was playing himself, and when he, in character, was informed there was no time for him to plug his charity, he said, loudly — “Man, FUCK!” Luckily, even though it's a live show, they've learned enough to do an 8-second delay, and whoever's in charge of that was able to catch the f-bomb and censor it before it went live to the nation.

If you watch the above video, you can tell it definitely wasn't planned. The audience reacts, and Kenan goes “Oh! Ay! Oh! C'mon, Sam! …that costs money!” It seemed pretty clear to me that Samuel L. Jackson (for the life of me I can't make myself shorten his name to ‘Sam') either decided to swear or just slipped up. But SLJ apparently doesn't think it's that  obvious, as he's now blaming it on Kenan. As he told Jimmy Kimmel on his show last night:

“It's a rumor…I said half of it. [Kenan] was supposed to cut me off!I'm used to working with professionals that know their lines. Even ones that are written on cue cards in front of you.”

I…don't know. The word was bleeped out so I couldn't tell if you said half of it or all of it, but it's definitely a little shady to blame Kenan for what you did or did not say. I didn't see him standing up behind you moving his mouth with your hands or working you like a puppet. Although that would be an excellent excuse to curse.

Oh and also? How are we not allowed to say the F-word yet on SNL, but we are allowed to be racist? Who's making these goddamn rules? Man, fuck!

(Image: Dan Jackman / WENN)