Samuel L. Jackson Has Just Two Words For You In The New Django Unchained Teaser

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Samuel L. Jackson Django Unchained new teaser trailer Quentin Tarantino Jamie Foxx Christoph WaltzWho knew that Samuel L. Jackson has a bit part in Quentin Tarantino‘s looks-to-be-crazy-fun new movie Django Unchained? Because I certainly didn't, so I was tickled to see him pop up in the new teaser trailer, trading in his bald head and eyepatch from The Avengers for a shock of white hair but the same stern expression.

Mr. Jackson has only two words in the trailer, but his steely glare speaks volumes. Otherwise, it's a lot of what we saw before, with bounty hunter Dr. King Schultz (Christoph Waltz) freeing slave Django (Jamie Foxx) to train him as his deputy. But even though it's the same set-up and dialogue, I still love it every time Jamie Foxx says, “I like the way you die, boy” after shooting one of the white guys in the heart.

Here's what we know about Samuel L. Jackson's part in the film, which, according to Screen Rant's description, will make for a pretty unforgettable scene:

The fan-favorite actor is playing Stephen, the vile Calvin Candie’s (Leonardo DiCaprio) longtime house slave; a refined gentleman and crafty figure, who has achieved a status where he can insult his master to his own face. Jackson’s character also clings to a twisted traditionalist view, which allows him to rationalize the oppression and enslavement of African-Americans (including, himself). Naturally, Stephen and Django eventually come into direct conflict with one another.

And now that you've been so patient, here's the latest TV spot:

“You welcome.”

Photo: The Weinstein Company