Here’s What Happened In Our Live Interview Between Sammi Sweetheart & Her Crazy Awesome Fans

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Yesterday we held our live Facebook interview with Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola of Jersey Shore fame and you guys really came out and asked A LOT of questions. Sammi tried her best to get to all of them and was able to give fans a lot of information on what's been going on in her life post Jersey Shore. We found out if she's still with Ronnie, if she plans to do any more reality shows, and if kids are in her future. We also saw her get a bunch of requests to visit The Netherlands/Louisiana/New Zeland/any place where her fans live. One even offered to “show [her] the beautiful lake of the woods and how to catch fish.” There's no doubt about it, this girl has some passionate followers!

The most popular question was whether or not Sammi and Ronnie are still together. They are! Sammi said they're doing great and that they live together. She didn't say if they have any plans to get married, but it wasn't due to lack of the question because lots of people asked. Sammi got over 300 comments/questions though, so let's give her a break on that one. As for if she and Ron are going to have kids? “Not for a few more years! I'm still young.”

The another big question was if Sammi plans to have her own reality show like so many of her former Jersey Shore roommates have. Sammi simply replied, “Hopefully one of these days you will see me back on the TV screen.” I think that sounds pretty positive. She's clearly open to it, so maybe she has something in the works…?

Quite a few fans wanted style and fitness tips from Sammi who said before becoming famous on reality TV she wanted to be a fashion designer. Sammi gave fans her makeup recommendation: “a good eyeliner is always good or a perfect pair of fake eyelashes!” She stays fit by working out as much as she can and playing soccer. It sounds like Sammi really likes soccer because she also said it's one of her favorite things to do in her free time along with reading and drawing. Sammi has her own fitness line which she said is “going great” when asked about it and then she turned the tables and asked the fan if they “have an article of clothing yet?! You will love!”

Sammi answered some questions about Jersey Shore, the show that made her famous. She still sees her roommates. They “try and get together every now and then.” She hasn't babysat Snooki‘s son yet, but said, “I love Lorenzo. He is adorable.” She hopes to visit the Shore this summer even though the show is over and said on a scale of 1 to 100 she misses the Shore “100!”

Sammi seemed to truly enjoy interacting with everyone and clearly has some really great fans that immediately jumped to her defense when one commenter insulted her. I wouldn't be surprised if Sammi ends up with a show of her own and it sounds like she has a lot of fans who that would make very happy.