Sammi Giancola Gets A Beauty ‘Makeunder’

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You can take the girl out of Jersey, and I guess you can take the Jersey out of the girl as well: XOJane took ultra-bronzed, always done-up Jersey Shore star Sammi Giancola and gave her a five-minute super natural “makeunder.” And she looks great!

Sammi's normal night out beauty routine is a two-hour process. Her hair alone gets blow-dried, flat-ironed, and teased. And her face gets bronzed, concealed, lipglossed and mascaraed to high heaven. But XOJane spent literally five minutes spraying a little product into her tresses and evening out her face. Then they plopped her down on the beach for a Marilyn Monroe-inspired shoot.

The interview contains some gems, such as an explanation of how she's never seen a single one of the cast members do drugs, ever. Really? This is the girl who dated Ronnie, who is basically The Hulk. She also talked about meeting celebrities:

“I met the Rock, Dwayne Johnson; he’s probably my favorite. He was the nicest guy like took time out of his day to say hello. I met Nicki Minaj, who was so sweet and so amazing, and Lady Gaga, who was just amazing and gorgeous. I met Beyoncé who actually came up and gave us a kiss on the cheek and she was the classiest woman I think I’ve ever met. It’s so surreal. We get to travel, we went to Italy, we went to Miami. It’s just such an amazing thing that’s happened to all of us. It’s so cool, it’s so awesome, I feel like I’m blessed.”

(via XOJane)