Samantha Ronson’s Eulogy for Amy Winehouse

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DJ Samantha Ronson, whose brother Mark Ronson produced Amy Winehouse‘s breakthrough album Back to Black, has taken to her blog to say goodbye to the singer, who died on Saturday. Though Samantha and Amy never met, Samantha had many things to say about the loss the music world experienced over the weekend. She started off by responding to a Twitter comment about how Amy's drug overdose was nothing to be sad about:

“Why be sad for a loser junkie. Be sad for a person who has cancer who wants to live. Get off the bandwagon.”

Someone just tweeted this at me in response to my post which said “I’m not sure how anyone with a soul can make jokes about the passing of one of the most talented artists this generation will see.”

It still shocks me when i read things like that. Why do we “have” to ONLY be sad for people suffering from terminal diseases? Does that mean I shouldn’t be sad when someone gets lung cancer after smoking 3 packs a day for 30 years? or AIDS from unprotected sex or IV drug use? Is there a guideline I can download off the internet somewhere that can tell me what/who I am allowed to show emotion over? I want to make EVERYONE happy.

But she switched from snark to sincerity when talking about Amy and her music:

I woke up to the news of Amy Winehouse’s passing and I’m actually surprised at how sad I am. It is always sad when someone passes, whether it be too soon or not, but this feels different, to me. Sadly, her death does not come as a shock to most due to her public struggles with addiction, but still it’s a shock to me. She almost seemed invincible to me, she always seemed to clean up just in time, until today.

I never had the privilege of meeting her, I had moved to LA when my brother was working with her.  My brother and I are close and I love being in the studio with him, so, had I been within range, I most certainly would have been annoying him daily. I, of course, since heard stories etc… how “rehab” came to be, and i saw her perform once at the highline ballroom in nyc and she was amazing. She just stood there and sang her heart out, no frills, just an amazing band and songs.

yup, those songs…. heartbreaking and honest. and i guess that’s who she was. and i’m sad to know that there won’t be anymore songs. so it shouldn’t matter how she died… she’s gone and will be missed by many.