“Sam I Am” changes name over Seuss warning

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Melissa McCarthy's fall pilot, "Sam I Am" has had to change its name to "Samantha Be Good" after getting legal notice from Dr. Seuss laywers.

ABC had to change the name of the show because "Sam I Am" too closely related the main character in "Green Eggs and Ham."

”We asserted a trademark infringement claim,” in a May 17 letter to ABC, said Jonathan B. Sokol, an attorney representing San Diego-based Dr. Seuss Enterprises LP.

”People worldwide associate those characters with Dr. Seuss books and … Dr. Seuss vigilantly protects its trademark rights,” Sokol said.

The TV show's original title might have confused people as to whether the company was sponsoring or otherwise involved with the program, Sokol said. There also was concern that the trademark value might be diluted if people began to associate the name with the TV show instead of only the Dr. Seuss character.

ABC, which is owned by The Walt Disney Co., confirmed the name change Tuesday but declined to discuss reasons for it.

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