Sam Claflin Throws A Pity Party For Kristen Stewart, Because It’s Not Her Fault That She’s So Popular

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In case you missed the memo, Catching Fire is coming out next month. That means between now and then, we're going to be seeing approximately 1508293408 interviews with the cast of the movie.  We're talking big names like: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, The Actor Formally known As Mr. Cyrus and Sam Claflin. So even though we've already talked about Josh Hutcherson talking about Jennifer Lawrence today, we now need to talk about Sam Clalfin talking about Kristen Stewart.

[insert record stopping noise]

I know guys, I know, Kristen Stewart isn't in Catching Fire or The Hunger Games or really any movie that's ever gotten a “good” review. However she did act with Sam Clafin in the movie, Snow White and the Huntman. (Although acting might be a strong word for moping on camera. “Woe is me, a good looking huntsman saved my life, wahhh wahh wahh.”) In an interview with Harper's Bazaar, he was asked about the drawbacks of fame and he immediately brought up K.Stew. Because no one makes fame look more like a drawback than one of the most highly paid actresses in the world.

“Kristen, bless her heart, is the most looked-at person of anyone I've worked with. She felt she had to hide herself away. I feel sorry for her knowing how she and Rob [Pattinson] must've had to live.

Poor, poor Kristen Stewart. Forced to continue signing up to make movies that make her more money than any of us will ever see in our lives. If only she could make money in another way! If only she could live in another city! If only she wasn't so tortured by her own career choices. CAN ANYONE SAVE KRISTEN STEWART FROM HERSELF? ANYONE?

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