Sam Claflin Is So In Love With His Wife In These Catching Fire Red Carpet Photos That I’m Scared His Heart Will Explode

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Sam Claflin Laura Haddock Catching Fire Red Carpet 1
If you're looking to get your heart warmed on this cold and snowy day, look no further than these insanely adorable photos of Sam Claflin and his new wife, Laura Haddock, on the Catching Fire red carpet last night. Sure Jennifer Lawrence got all the attention for comforting a crying child, but I think it's safe to say that Sam and Laura's lovefest won second prize in the “making me smile like an insane person” category.  Honestly, I keep looking at these photos and expecting to see little teeny-tiny hearts in the place where his pupils used to be.

According to Us Weekly, the couple “quietly tied the knot”  this summer in a low-key ceremony. “Quietly tied the knot” being the tabloid keyword for “we weren't invited and we'll therefore assume that no one else was possibly there.” While we don't know much about Laura Haddock, she's apparently also in the acting industry. Which is neat. Sam could focus completely on being in love with her last night and not have to explain things like “this is a red carpet” and “these are my co-workers” and “you're going to see me on the big screen, but I will not be behaving like myself. Also the movie folk will call me Finnick Odair. Do not be scared. I'm an actor and I am simply acting.”

So on behalf of love and commitment and everything that's actually good in this world, take a moment to peruse a few photos of two people who appear to truly be in love. Oh and in case these photos aren't enough to make your heart explode,  keep in mind that they both say “I love you” with a British accent.

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Sam Claflin Laura Haddock Catching Fire Red Carpet 2

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(Photos: i-Images, PacificCoastNews)