WHAAT?? Salwa from Buckwild Just Got Arrested For Heroin Possession!

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Salwa Buckwild Mugshot

Holy Rocky Mountain Oysters! One of the MTV Buckwild kids was arrested last night, and it wasn't Shain for public urination. It was Salwa, the one who had her body painted like a cheetah to go to the one club in town. TMZ reports that Salwa Amin was allegedly taken into custody early this morning on felony charges for possession of drugs with intent to distribute. What was the substance of choice you ask? Oh, child. It was heroin.

The Nicholas County Magistrate Court released a statement saying that Amin will post $200,000 bond to be released from jail. Not only packin' H, but also oxycodone. And just to appease your curiosities, we've provided you with her sad, sad mug shot.

But questions still linger in our minds. Stress seems to be laid on her intent to deliver the goods. We can guess that she may have been on her way to a party in the woods behind Wolfpen Holler, and that the whole cast was waiting for her. Because she's their drug dealer, guys!! But she never showed up with the good-time fuel, so the kids had dug their mason jar-piggy banks out of the ground for nothing.

This casts a grave pall over the season's end. Salwa seems like an overall nice girl. She shouldn't be getting involved with this stuff. And we'd hate to see the show's one person of color get carted off to jail. We know you're better than that, honey!

(Photo: WVNSTV.com)