Sally Field And Her Son Sam Greisman Deliver Heartwarming Speeches About Each Other That Will Make Your Day

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Are you looking for a reason to cry today? Perfect! This video of Sally Field's openly gay son Sam Greisman introducing her in an heartfelt speech as a recipient for HRC's Ally for Equality Award in Washington, D.C this weekend should do it. And if that touching speech doesn't make you feel 50 shades of warm and fuzzy inside, the second half of the video where Sally Field talks proudly about being Sam's mother ought to do the trick.

They're my new favorite celebrity mother and son team (narrowly beating out Lucille and Buster Bluth) and I'm tempted to start stalking both of them in their respective West Village apartments. Although Sally Field initially ruined my impression of her as a mother when she played the uptight Miranda Hillard in Mrs. Doubtfire, she finally won me over 20 years later as she spoke so fondly about her youngest son Sam.

Sure he's gay, but he's so much more than that and she's just so darn happy to be his mother. And tell you what, he feels exactly the same way. Not that she's lucky he's her son, but he's lucky to be born into a family with such a supportive mother.

Get your tissues out and get your gameplans out, because I need to figure out a way to be part of this family — and I need to figure it out by Thanksgiving so I know what I'm doing.