12 Times In 2014 When You ‘Had Something In Your Eye’

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I rarely use this term, but this has been a particularly rough year for our feels. We all try to hold it together most of the time, but all too often, you watch a video or read a story that leaves you snuffling at your desk and loudly complaining to anyone who will listen about how bad your allergies are this season.

So after a year of making excuses about ‘having something in your eye’, I’m hoping your tolerance for heartbreak has increased tenfold, because you’re about to need every last inch of it. What I’ve prepared here is a list of all the pop culture moments in 2014 that made our eyes sweat like we were at a gym for crying. (Okay so that excuse needs a little work, but cut me some slack, I’m about to drop a sadness bomb on you.)

Gird your (eye) loins.

1. The Still Alice trailer.

The only silver lining of this devastating portrait of Alzheimer’s is that Julianne Moore will probably get an Oscar for it. Otherwise, I can’t imagine how I’ll be able to sit through the movie, given the way I was devastated by the trailer.

2. Billy Crystal’s tribute to Robin Williams at the Emmy Awards.

Even thinking about the circumstances that led up to Robin’s death can get me close to tears, so I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle whatever tribute the Emmys came up with for him. But then it was delivered by his friend Billy Crystal and included footage of him walking offstage after a set, being led by the hand by someone invisible, and I was 100% done for. Still can’t watch it without completely losing my breath. The footfalls at the end? No way.

3. Beyonce singing to a terminally ill fan.

Listen, I’m an emotional person, so I’m pretty good at keeping my reactions quiet while I silently cry at my desk like a creeper. But this video was too much for even my rigid self-control. Actual sadness noises from my throat and a physical pain. THERE IS SO MUCH RAIN IN HERE DON’T LOOK AT ME.

4. Sarah Silverman honoring Joan Rivers.

THIS. This is why I was upset about Joan Rivers’ death, even though not that many people like her because she was a cranky old bean. Sarah knew the real her, and this speech explaining it to the rest of us got me real misty-eyed at my desk, I gotta admit.

5. The entirety of The Fault In Our Stars.

I mean COME ON.

6. Selena Gomez’s video about Justin Bieber.

This wasn’t just us, right? However much scorn I had for Selena continually going back to Justin even though he’s a goon, it all got erased by this song. Because she knows, guys! She knows! She knows he treats her like garbage and she can’t help it, and we’ve all been there, and oh great I’m crying.

7. The teaser trailer for Inside Out.

Not even the regular trailer, THE TEASER TRAILER. Pixar has my emotions down to so much of a science that they can make me cry in thirty seconds or less. No exaggeration.

8. Brittany Maynard’s story.

12 Times In 2014 When You  Had Something In Your Eye  Brittany Maynard on the cover of People Magazine 640x853 jpg(via)

The amount of bravery that this young woman displayed in not only choosing to end her life on her own terms, but sharing her story with everyone? I can’t. Her actions put an unassailable face on the Death With Dignity Act so that more people might be presented with the opportunities and respect that she was, and that’s the most generous, heart-breaking thing I’ve ever heard of.

9. Taylor Swift singing with a child in the hospital.

Ugh, TAYLOR. I came into this year not caring what you did at all, and now you’ve completely won me over by being just the nicest person ever. Like when you hung out in that children’s hospital for like eight hours and sang to this kid and then sand got in my eye I guess? I dunno. Snark reserves depleted.

10. Aaron Sorkin’s essay on the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman.

12 Times In 2014 When You  Had Something In Your Eye  Philip Seymour Hoffman attending Sundance Film Festival February 2014 jpg

(Image: Larry Busacca / Getty Images)

Oh boy. This is another death that was a punch in the gut regardless, and I will probably never come to terms with it. But reading PSH’s friend Aaron Sorkin talking about the devastating toll of addiction and the fact that they’d almost planned for the day one of them died, and calculated how many lives of other users it might save…goddamnit. This post is really taking a toll on me and the tissues I keep on my desk.

11. John Legend’s video with Laverne Cox.

Celebrating beauty in all of its many forms? With Laverne Cox? And John Legend? And a really great song? What are all these tingles in my eyes and blowings in my nose? Is it raining in here, or just on my face?

12. Ellen Page’s coming out speech.

YES GIRL PREACH. I simultaneously love and hate knowing at the beginning of this speech that she comes out at the end of it, because all I want to do is give her a huge hug and say congratulations! When she says, “and I am here today because I am gay”, she is the bravest and the strongest and I’m weeping!