22 Songs That’ll Make You Cry Every Time (‘Cause Sometimes You Need To)

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Don't we all just need a good cry sometimes? It really does feel good to tear up a bit, release all of your emotions and be moved by something. Music can allow some of our more suppressed emotions to surface — which let's face it, is nothing but healthy.

Unless you're naturally a crier (which is totally fine!), sometimes you need a little something extra to get those ~feelz~ to subside with a good cry. There's nothing more cathartic then popping in your earbuds and letting it all go to some nice, sad songs.

If you want to feel things you haven't in awhile and allow yourself to let all those tears go, these 22 songs might just do the trick. Or at the very least, you'll appreciate all of these musical pieces for the art that they are, then watch an episode of Grey's Anatomy which you know will make you cry every time.

1. “The Scientist” by Coldplay (2002)

Parlophone & Capitol

This slow and moving song is beautifully led by a piano and has a stylistic simplicity that's different compared to other Coldplay songs and adds to its overall raw feeling. The song is about a man feeling lost about his love and wanting to start over. We've all had regrets and have wanted a reset button.

As the lyrics say, “Let's go back to the start,” is such a want we've all probably desired, as impossible as it truly is.
Plus Chris Martin‘s falsetto fits perfectly in this song. Listen to it here and let the tears flow.