Sad news for John Travolta and family

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While on vacation with his family in the Bahamas, the oldest son of John Travolta and Kelly Preson, Jett Travolta, died after apparently suffering a seizure.

He had suffered for a long time from Kawasaki disease, which can bring with it seizures as well as heart problems. Here are some more updates from TMZ:

UPDATE: 4:40 PM ET — Restview Memorial Mortuary and Crematorium in the Bahamas tells TMZ Jett's body would be transferred to Restview on Monday.

UPDATE 4:54 PM ET — Police spokeswoman Loretta Mackey says Jett hit his head in a bathtub..

UPDATE 5:15 PM ET — Police just released more details. According to a report, Jett was last seen going into the bathroom at their private suite at the Old Bahama Bay Resort sometime yesterday. The body was discovered by the caretaker, Jeff Michael Kathrein, at 10:00 AM today. The report says Jett suffered from seizures.

An autopsy is being performed to determine the exact cause of death.

How horribly sad.