Sad News: Amy Winehouse Has Overdosed At 27

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Singer Amy Winehouse‘s long time battle with drug use came to an end today when she overdosed in her London apartment.

Just last month, she cancelled her European tour after giving this performance in Belgrade:

It was meant to be her comeback tour, but that was her first performance and it did not go well. In June, she had just gotten out of another stint in rehab.

Considering how many young celebrities flirt with drug abuse, it's no surprise that we've lost so many at a young age. And it's all the more disturbing when people encourage that behavior. With Winehouse, her problems were part of the appeal to some. TAke the the first line from this disturbing Washington Post article from 2007:

“Onstage, the more Amy Winehouse drinks, the better she sings, which is often the case.”


Other musicians that have died at the same age of 27 include Brian Jones, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain and Jimmy Hendrix.

That's an incredibly depressing list and since I can't quite think of something hitting any other emotion right now, here's a video from Amy Winehouse at a better time:

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