If S Club 7 Is Really Reuniting, I Insist That 5ive Be Their Opening Act

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Rumors are saying that the late '90s pop group S Club 7 is reuniting this summer, meaning that I have to stop saying I've never had a dream come true. It also means I have to get back in my '90s music mode and listen to all the other groups I forget from that era so I can help them choose the right opening act.

While 5ive is obviously my first choice (their name alone seals the deal), they might be busy auditioning for Celebrity Rehab or the upcoming documentary: I Wish I Didn't Get Sick on The Day They Cast *NSYNC. So I can't necesrily count on them to pull through.

So what are our other options? Hit the lights, click “next page” and I'll run through the top contenders. Odds are you'll remember them from your “Now That's What I Call Music! ” collection. Or at least from your awkward middle school dances.

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