Ryan Seacrest’s Tweets Show He’s A Good Sport About Getting Ash-Bombed

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Ryan Seacrest tweet The Dictator Kim Jong Il ashes

Did you see the look on Ryan Seacrest‘s face when The Dictator (a.k.a. Sacha Baron Cohen) dumped “Kim Jong Il‘s” ashes on him during the pre-Oscars red carpet? It was a cross between a little kid about to cry and someone who wanted to choke a bitch. Props to him for keeping it together while Giuliana Rancic teased him about the Bisquick on his nice suit, and probably cursing and stamping his feet off-camera.

However, he's now doing damage control. Right after it happened he sent the above tweet, and an hour or so ago he sent this follow-up:

Ryan Seacrest tweet The Dictator Kim Jong Il ashes

Obviously he needed the length of the telecast for his team to think up an appropriate joke, but he/they nailed it. After the Academy showed themselves to be tightasses when they threatened to ban Cohen for performing any kind of stunt, it's obvious that anything he wound up doing would be tinged with bitterness. He went after the most recognizable red-carpet interviewer hoping to get a rise out of him and the best chance for publicity. By keeping his cool (so far), Ryan's obviously disappointed Cohen.

Also, the thought of all the hungover Oscar winners leaning on each other at pancake breakfast tomorrow morning is a great visual.