NBD, Guys: Ryan Seacrest Bought Julianne Hough A $3 Million Break-Up Mansion

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NBD  Guys  Ryan Seacrest Bought Julianne Hough A  3 Million Break Up Mansion Julianne Hough and Ryan Seacrest at a party in 2011 jpgHey was anybody wondering whether the relationship between Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough was real and true and sacred? No? Nobody? That’s surprising, because I know I sure did! Welp, okay, even if you never ever wondered before if that relationship might have been just the teensiest tiniest bit fake, prepare to open your mind, because Ryan bought Julianne a break-up present AND IT WAS A HOUSE. Guys I got a break-up present one time — it was the game Skyward Sword for the Wii — and I felt like a princess for months. MONTHS. Ryan gave Julianne a mansion. And not just any mansion…a mansion worth three million dollars. Gulp. My princess domain was just severely diminished.

Ryan and Julianne were together for three years, and every blissful moment of that time, they were apparently dogged by rumors about Ryan’s sexual orientation. And while I have no expertise specifically in that area, I do have expertise on the heterosexual male, and let me tell you what he does not like doing: favors. Especially when there’s absolutely zero chance that said favor will ever pay dividends in blowies down the line. Also even though they lived together during the relationship in Ryan’s $34 million mansion, Julianne already had a house of her own, or a condo anyway, that she bought in 2009 for $649,000. And since it had two bedrooms and two bathrooms, it certainly wasn’t small by any means…so I guess I’m unclear on why she needed a whole new place. Perhaps as a thank you present for doing him a solid and dating him for three year? (I have zero information to back that up, but Carmen Sandiego always told me I was a gumshoe, so I’m gonna keep up the sleuthing.)

One time my then-boyfriend had an accident in our matrimonial bed, and I was so awesome about it that he gave me a $13 necklace (!!!there’s that old princess feeling again!!!), so I know a thing or two about risk versus reward. I’m just nervous about exactly what Julianne put up with that was worth three million.

(Image: Nikki Nelson / WENN.com)