Ryan Reynolds And Jimmy Fallon Pour Water On Each Other And… Sorry, What Was I Saying?

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Ryan Reynolds Jimmy Fallon water war video

Jimmy Fallon knows what the people want, and he brings it to them every night. You want fun games? You got it. You want those games to involve celebrities? Here you go. You want the celebrity to be Ryan Reynolds? Consider it done. You want it to include Ryan and Jimmy pouring water all over each other? Praise the late night gods, because your prayers have been answered. Last night Ryan Reynolds stopped by Late Night to promote his new flick R.I.P.D, whose plot took me ten TV spots to comprehend (and I'm still not sure). As usual, Jimmy didn't bore us with the typical late night talk show fare. He brought out the big guns. The big water guns, that is. It's a new game called Water War, which is just like the card game War, except in this game when you lose a hand the winner gets to pour water on you. Can I please meet whoever makes up these games and give them an enormous hug?

The game escalates from tiny cupfuls of H2O(MG) to enormous pitchers to a huge water cannon. And needless to say, there's plenty of wet Ryan Reynolds and Jimmy Fallon to enjoy. Basically it's a wet T-shirt contest with playing cards thrown in. Want some sample dialogue from the video?

Jimmy: Can you see my nipples?

Ryan: I can see both.

I'd like to borrow some words from a few YouTube commenters to properly express what this video is all about. One user simply declares, “that wasn't a water war… that was porn.” Another says, “This is exactly what my ovaries need. Thank you jimmy!” Because if we learned anything from Colin Firth emerging from a lake in a white blouse when he played Mr. Darcy, it was that women go crazy over a wet man. We love it so much that somebody put up a horrifying statue to commemorate it. Oh, you haven't seen that? Take a look and get ready to have your dreams haunted.

I won't reveal who wins the game, but let's be honest. I think when Ryan Reynolds and Jimmy Fallon finish a card game in drenched dress shirts, we all win. WE ALL WIN.