Ryan Reynolds Latches Onto Blake Lively’s Coattails, Says ‘Me Too!’ To Being L’Oreal’s New Spokesmodel

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Ryan Reynolds Boss Bottled Fragrance

That's it, you guys. We can pack up our stuff because Ryan Reynolds officially doesn't care if we know that he's trying to ride Blake Lively's coattails 'til the wheels fall off. As of the second that the news of Ryan Reynold's new gig as a new L'Oreal spokesmodel, Ryan's gone from “Hey hon, don't do anything — like anything— after Gossip Girl ends,” to “L'Oreal? I like L'Oreal! Look at my smize, tell them to pick me!”

In light of the two facts that neither of them has done much in the way of making money in ages and that bills have to get paid, Ryan's decided to take on this brand new job as the Men Expert spokesperson. Well, gently used job. Okay, it's been recycled and donated to Goodwill by one B.Lively, but after a good wash no one will even know the difference! In a statement, Ryan expressed how thrilled he is to be signing onto this project and securing at least 30 more seconds in the limelight.

“I feel honored and excited to join Men Expert, a brand that represents the essence of modernity, edginess and technology.”

First of all, Cosmo is gonna be so pissed that Ryan is being named the official face of Men Expert, when they've put in so much work in that exact field. But also, he forgot to mention that being Mr. Lively has certainly helped him recover from his most embarrassing career moments, like the WTF that was this summer's R.I.P.D. Another thing that's tragically absent from this statement is the fact that no one can figure out how this brand is both a skincare brand that's representative of technology. I really have a lot of questions. But I just can't wait to witness his very first L'Oreal commercial where he makes at least one reference to being the other Ryan and also having been one half of two beautiful people marriages. People generally talk about things like that in cosmetic commercials, yeah?

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