If Ryan Phillippe Wasn’t Channeling Kevin Federline, He Would Be Such A Hot Dad

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I have a soft spot for Ryan Philippe. My crush on him came right after my crush on Freddie Prince Jr. ended and stayed strong through throughout middle school. Mostly because I watched Cruel Intentions at every middle school sleepover. Yes, in retrospect it's a horrible movie, but at the time I thought it was an epic love story that exposed the upper class for what it really was — coke addicted high schoolers who dressed in either all black or all white. I fantasized about being one of Ryan Phillippe's conquest goals and I fantasized about it while “Bitter Sweet Symphony” blasted in my bedroom.

And because I believed so much in that movie and Ryan Philippe I naturally believed the story about him and Reese Witherspoon meeting on set and falling in love. When I found out years later that was false, I burnt my Cruel Intentions VHS and vowed to never believe anything I heard about Hollywood romances ever again.  But I still had a soft spot for their children Ava and Deacon.

That's why I was so excited to see these photos of Ryan and Ava lunching together in in L.A. Nothing like some father-daughter bonding time. Except when that father-daughter bonding time involves Ryan Phililippe looking like he got dressed in Kevin Federline‘s closet.

Really, a tank top at lunch? I know he doesn't act a lot anymore, but I'm sure he could afford sleeves. Especially since sleeves usually come with free dignity and respect for yourself.

Ugh, Ryan. As much as I want to file you under hot dads, I can't. Not until you learn to wear appropriate shirts in public.