Video: Preview Ryan Lochte’s Shirtless Appearance As A ‘Sex Idiot’ On 30 Rock

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If you thought Ryan Lochte‘s invasion of pop culture died with fervor for the 2012 summer olympics, you thought wrong. Everyone's favorite annoyingly hot d-bag will appear on next week's episode of 30 Rock, and from the looks of it, he's going for some Denise Richards style self-deprecation points.

I know that the preview is annoyingly short, but it's enough to hint at the greatness to come. In it, Jack Donaghy encounters a shirtless Lochte who just sold his shirt to an old man who wanted it. But don't worry, he's just Jack's lady friend's sex idiot, NBD. Considering the episode is called “Idiots Are People Three!” I can only assume the highly vocal, highly stupid special interest group will be back in action. What kind of dumb music video will Denise Richards be promoting this time? Will Lochte get in on the fun? Will someone finally tell him he's been mispronouncing “yeah” all this time? Tune in next Thursday to find out.

(Via E! Online)