The Only Reason Ryan Lochte Wore A Suit At The ALMA Awards: His Abuelita Would Be Watching

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Ryan Lochte NCLR ALMA Awards Latino Eva Longoria suit photosAm I the last person to learn that Ryan Lochte is Latino? Apparently so, since a Google search revealed that dedicated Olympic viewers found out that Ryan's mom is Cuban sometime during the Games a month or two ago. Well, it was news to me when I looked up these photos of Ryan at the NCLR ALMA Awards last night. The awards — which honor Latino actors, performers, athletes, and more — won't air til this Friday, but the stars braved 100-degree weather yesterday to walk the red carpet and hand out the awards.

Ryan wasn't the only Latino Olympian honored at the ALMAs: He was joined onstage by Brenda VillaJessica SteffensDanell LeyvaMarlen Esparza, and Leo Manzano in a special tribute. Naturally, they all wore their medals. And Manzano told the press after the show, “We [my family] moved to the U.S. when I was four, grew up pretty poor, so becoming an Olympian and a silver medalist is a dream come true.” Aww.

But let's talk about our favorite Olympic swimmer's red carpet attire. Raise your hand if you were expecting Ryan to whip out his signature grill and Speedo, perhaps modeling the Cuban flag instead of the American one as we're used to? And yet, I think this is the most skin I've ever seen covered on him since we first were introduced to this bro with the magical backstroke just a few months ago. It's definitely a little jarring to open up a post like this one and see him in shoes and a tie and everything color-coordinated.

He looks like he had no problem staying cool on the red carpet with his fellow Olympians and presenter Eva Longoria.

Ryan Lochte NCLR ALMA Awards Latino Eva Longoria suit photos

I gotta say, as douchey as Ryan comes across in the media, he cleans up nicely. Although other attendees included Jake Gyllenhaal and Rodrigo Santoro, Ryan really knows how to wear a suit.

Ryan Lochte NCLR ALMA Awards Latino Eva Longoria suit photos

But no, he still can't make “jeah” happen.

Photos: Apega/WENN.com (first photo), FayesVision/WENN.com