Local News Anchors Literally LOL After Interviewing Ryan Lochte, Possibly Even ROTFL

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What would ryan lochte do interview philly local news

As some of you may have read in your Ryan Lochte fan ‘zine, he's starring in a new show on E! called What Would Ryan Lochte Do. Mostly because we need to know what he would do in certain situations so we can go ahead and immediately do the opposite. So for everyone who's worried that he's infringing on Jesus' territory, remain calm. No one's going to do what Ryan Lochte does. (Unless we're talking about swimming, than in that case, do as he does.)

He recently went on a local Fox news station in Philadelphia to talk about the show and what we should expect. Unfortunately talking in general proved to be a great struggle for him and he ended up sounding pretty close to someone doing some kind of cliche Anchorman impression. Not only did he answer questions by repeating questions, but he also said things like he went on the show looking to find his one true love.  Which would make sense if he was on The Bachelor or really kind of dating show at all.

Sadly the interview made it all too clear that no one took the time to explain the premise of the show to its star. So he's stuck saying things like “I didn't come here to make friends” and “I want to lose 300 pounds” and “when is that Olympics thingy again?”

The two anchors interviewing him were so amazed by his answers that they couldn't stop laughing after the interview. And watching them laugh will make you laugh. Then it will probably also get you excited to watch the premiere of his show on Sunday. If he's this entertaining during a short interview, imagine how he'll be with a whole half hour.

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