Ryan Lewis Asks People About Ryan Lewis, Finds Out No One Knows What Ryan Lewis Does

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Ryan Lewis Asks People About Ryan Lewis  Finds Out No One Knows What Ryan Lewis Does Ryan Lewis Tonight Show jpg

In a move that probably made Ryan Lewis very sad, The Tonight Show sent Ryan Lewis out onto the street to interview people about Ryan Lewis, and Ryan Lewis learned that people don’t really know what it is Ryan Lewis does… or what Ryan Lewis looks like. Also, I’m trying to say Ryan Lewis as many times as possible here for fear that if I don’t, Ryan Lewis will cease to exist entirely. Save Ryan Lewis and let him continue… if you’re Ryan Lewis.

This is sort of like that time Jimmy Kimmel sent Drake out on the street in disguise to interview people about Drake, only to find out people don’t like Drake very much. Except this is a lot sadder, because Ryan Lewis is not in a disguise of any kind. He’s just Ryan Lewis. You know, from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. And yet even when he holds up a photo of himself next to his face, it still takes people way too long to piece things together. Sure he has glasses on, but this isn’t Metropolis and he isn’t Clark Kent. Glasses should not be that good at hiding identities in real life… except apparently they are, based on this video.

As sad as this is, the question unfortunately still remains for a lot of us (including me)… what does Ryan Lewis do? What is his job while Macklemore performs during a mass wedding or dresses up as a Jewish stereotype or does any number of things to get attention? Well, according to trusty Wikipedia, he’s a “producer, musician, and DJ,” and he’s the “behind-the-scenes” partner of Macklemore, “producing, recording, engineering, and mixing all of the duo’s music,” and directing music videos. So… he does all that. And he also apparently stars in embarrassing videos for Jimmy Fallon. Very well, I might add.