Ryan Gosling Says He Has ‘Skeletons’ On His Resume, So Let’s Figure Out What They Are

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Ryan Gosling CNN Interview The Place Beyond the Pines

Everyone's favorite Canadian angel Ryan Gosling hasn't always been a serious actor in serious roles in serious movies. Anyone who's seen him on The Mickey Mouse Club or dancing in an adorable early '90s jacket at a talent show knows this. But did you know that even Ryan Gosling watches himself on YouTube sometimes to get served a nice slice of humble pie? In an interview with CNN, Ryan admits to having “so many skeletons” on his resume from early in his career. While casually sipping from a coffee cup, Ryan says:

“It’s kind of good for me. I can’t have any delusions of grandeur because I just have to go on YouTube and it’s all there.”

Check out the interview below and ogle that beautiful cowlick he's sporting.

It is all there, Ryan. It is all there. And we've found it. After doing a little IMDb recon, we have a few theories for which early roles Ryan might be a little embarrassed about. But honestly, these videos will only make you love him more.

Goosebumps (1996)

I probably watched this episode when I was a kid and had no idea of the magic that was contained in it. In this clip, Ryan gets interrogated by the police, and there's a nice shot of him reflected in one of the cops' sunglasses. Nickelodeon, always so artsy. Oh, and don't forget his gig on another scary show, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, which you can watch in full here.

Road To Avonlea (1996)

This is a rather serious scene, but all I could do while watching was try to figure out what accent Ryan is doing. At first I thought it was something from the Northeastern U.S., but I soon realized it's Cockney. I think?

Flash Forward (1996)

Ryan plays Scott (they say his name a lot) in this episode of the Disney Channel show that I somehow never knew existed, in which he wields a tennis racquet like it's a weapon and gets into quite an epic skateboarding accident.

Frankenstein and Me (1997)

Ryan's only in this movie trailer briefly, but you get the idea that this is probably high on the list of his skeletons.

Young Hercules (1998-1999)

Warning: The following opening theme will give you an intense desire to watch all 49 (!) episodes of this show immediately. I know what I'll be doing with my weekend.